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We thank Mr Nasser Racha Director of Physical Education and Sport for supporting the progression of Olympic Weightlifting in Trinidad & Tobago

Mark Ramsay
Operations Consultant   

Steve Cannon

Steve Cannon is our newly appointed Technical Officer. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Federation and we look forward to working with him.

TTOWF is officially affiliated to the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation)
President Denise Ramsay Overall represents Trinidad & Tobago at major Olympic Weightlifting tournaments. CLICK TO SEE OUR NEW SITE.


Olympic Lifting is a recognised, official sport in the Olympic's and Commomwealth Games, whereas power-lifting isn't. It is all about power and flexiblity. It is the fastest movement in the
Olympic Games.

"We had the sport, Olympic lifting in Trinidad 40 years ago, then it died and what we want to do is resurrect it. Currently, I am the only person representing Trinidad & Tobago in Olympic lifting.

I used to lift for England, but there was too much red tape, there was too much politics. We as the senior lifters weren’t really getting a chance to go to competitions because they had this ageist policy and would only take the younger lifters to go and compete abroad.

So what I’m going to do as a senior lifter and female lifter is, once we finally get the development of the sport underway in Trinidad & Tobago is to to take creditable home-grown lifters regardless of their age and train them to represent Trinidad & Tobago on the world stage.

I am not going to discriminate against a 15 year old or a 50 year old. All I’m interested in is if you can lift the weight and combined total of the lifts, if you can do that, you’re on the team.

There is so much emphasis put on the younger lifters who will take the sport up for a few years and then drop out by the time they hit 17. And all that time, energy and effort will be lost.

When we get the older lifters, who have the time and mental aptitude which the youngsters lack, who can do the work and more, we will treat them as equals as a 15 year old. We will not judge them on their older years but on ability.

As long as they can lift the weight and do it well, they’re on the team".
Denise Ramsay Overall.

Our Federation of TTOWF links with other Olympic Lifting National Federations around the
globe. See our News Page

President of Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Weightlifting Federation
Laura Denise
Laurence C Carbon General Secretary.
Please note new TTOWF

Laurence C Carbon is also Operations Director of Zodiac Arts
It is our privilege to be part of Trinidad & Tobago's sporting history. After 40 years absence from National and International competitions, Olympic Weightlifting it is back.

We have the desire and vision to develop the federation for many years to come. and to leave a bequest for future generations

There have only been two International female Presidents in the IWF:
One is myself,
Ms Laura Denise Ramsay- Overall,
Trinidad and Tobago
& the other is
Mrs Boossaba Yodbangtoey of Thailand

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