"My aim for Trinidad & Tobago is to take creditable home-grown lifters regardless of their age and train them to represent Trinidad & Tobago on the world stage".

"This is what I intend to do in Trinidad & Tobago bring a fun, beneficial, and functional
sport here".




The Trinidad and Tobago Weightlifting Federation was founded in the 1940’s. The twin island state has been taking part in International competition for at least sixty years.

Though the participation has been sporadic, it did produce note-worthy performances from exceptional individuals competing on the world stage.

Major competition began with the London Olympics of 1948, with a silver medal in the feather-weight class for the 23 years old Rodney Wilkes.

At the 1952 Games- Helsinki, Lennox Kilgour, 27 years old, achieved a bronze in the same weight division.

In 1956, Trinidad and Tobago made its third and final venture in Olympic Games with a respected fourth place for Rodney Wilkes, 31, in Melbourne.

In more recent times, lifters such as Brandon Bailey, Carlos De Souza and Hugo Griffiths have competed in regional championships.

The last appearance of a Trinidad and Tobago lifter, Stan Smith, was in 1974.

It would be at least 30 years before another competitor was to perform at a major event, and for the first time,
it would be a woman:
Laura Denise Ramsay-Overall, President of TTOWF.

At the Central American and Caribbean Games 2006, she placed 4th; that same year, 2nd in the Criollo Championship, and in 2007, 5th place at the Pan Am Games.

Most recently in Greece, 2008 Laura Denise has achieved her highest placing to date- breaking the World Masters Record at the snatch, clean and jerk and total in the 75kg bodyweight division (group 2).